Here's to Hoping.;

Havent had a day off in 15 days. Thankfully tomorrow is a holiday and I Don’t work.


why u lick me


James Vitalo, frontman for Long Island natives Backtrack, photographed by Sarah Ternisar

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Comeback Kid - Beyond

Moshi Moshi
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Well you’re wasting time if you’re trying to impress me, I waste all my time just thinking of you.

Got a few more outfits for the pin-up shoot in May that i’ll be doing, and finished getting Easter Basket goodies.
Now, pizza and Click.
I’m content.

Anon's on.

Questions, comments. I have anon on for a bit tonight. 

just-finee: you are such a mega babe. seriously.

You are too sweet. Thank you. 

Having 2 jobs has made me drop the extra weight I gained over the winter. I feel pretty happy with my body now. :)

"Let’s stay until the sun goes down and talk about records
drink until we’re drunk.. don’t worry, we are young
We’ll talk about what’s important
like your favourite Dashboard song..
Your favourite film of last year
and where our lives went wrong
Don’t worry about the weather or how cold it is outside
I promise to make this better if you stay with me tonight
We’ll listen to American Football,
sing along to Never Meant..
I’ll hold your hand till you are sleeping
I’m so glad that I spent tonight with you..”

Moose Blood//Carbis Bay

December 27, 1990
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I write to you an empty page,
no words for what i want to say.

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Happy - The Maine



This negativity is a cancer
that eats at my fucking mind
and spreads
throughout my body.
It leaves me tired and alone.
I can feel it as it moves
through my limbs,
and it now touches
every part of my brain.
I don’t need morphine
to numb the pain,
I just need it gone.
Cut me open;
Leave me exposed.

I love these guys.
So happy to see new material.
Good dudes, good music.
Check them out.

Capsize//I’ll Take the Blame.