Here's to Hoping.;

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Get Well
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Nothing - Get Well

Its easier to miss

On nights as dark as this

But the black clouds

Still follow us around

Theres gotta be a way

To escape from the rain

But I

Cant find it

This album is so laid back. Definitely one of the best of the year.

The Only One
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amybernadette <3

Sundays. 🍃🍂


MINDSET @ Programme Skate and Sound


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I’m having super bad anxiety about the fact that I quit my job of 3 years.


Anonymous: Why are you so gorgeous?

Why are you so sweet?

by Title Fight + 1,339 plays


I feel like I should be concerned

that things can’t be saved once they’re burned,

but for once I threw it in the furnace.

I watched it burn right between us.

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Hello, Saturday.


An important purchase