Here's to Hoping.;


Violent Reaction at WavePop
Boise, Idaho

I look at you, and I just love you, and it terrifies me. It terrifies me what I would do for you.

Anonymous: you're beautiful <3 hope you have the best day ever!

Wow thank you! It was unfortunately the worst Monday i’ve had in a very very very long time, but this helps!

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty. It’s nice for a change.

I’m not as skinny as i was this time last year, but i’m not fat.
I don’t hate my body. I’m starting to diet regularly because working 70 hours a week screws up anybodies eating habits.
I’m over being told i’m not as ‘cute’ as I was last year, or that i’m getting fat, or how I have ‘love handles’.

Yes I need to tone my body, i’m working on it.
As for now, I’m comfortable with my weight.
Screw anyone who tells someone else they are ‘getting fat’.

by Balance and Composure + 4,109 plays


Balance and Composure - Echo

It’s nice to have hope even when you can’t believe. The world that I know never had a care for me.

Stay Cold
by Trapped Under Ice + 4,863 plays


Trapped Under Ice - Stay Cold

Lost concepts of reality
Make loose the screws that secure my sanity
I take a look at my life
What it’s all about
The answers bring me pain
And I want out

I pulled you close because the world failed us both
Always knowing nothing could stay gold
The navigator of pain points my way once more
I will always stay cold

You can’t hurt me anymore
I stay cold forevermore

So alone
But you can’t hurt me anymore

I’m so glad I live alone, so nobody could witness my awesome Trapped Under Ice impressions and dance moves.

Forever alone. hahahahah.

As if this time of year didn’t remind me enough of this time last year.

No Words
by Make Do And Mend + 205 plays


Make Do And Mend - No Words

I used to disregard regret 
but there are some things that I can’t forget 
I’d ignore my shame but it’s been pounding in my head
Sometimes the emptiness pervades 
in this lonely room’s skeletal embrace 
With no love in my life
these days 
are getting harder and harder to face 
I’m slipping further and further away

Keep This
by Make Do And Mend + 217 plays


Make Do And Mend - Keep This

Maybe I’m fucking up, but I think that that’s okay, just so long as I’m learning every day.

Call Me When It's Over
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call me when it’s over / mansions

but I found out every word they ever said was true
and I want it back, those sleepless nights I gave to you